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Effortless art

I really needed to fill up some wall space in our bedroom, but all of the art I was finding online was either cheesy hotel art or ridiculously expensive. So, in a similar way that I solve most issues in my life, I asked the internet for help. I loved the look of dimensional art and almost paid hundreds of dollars for pieces from West Elm. However, much to the joy of my husband, I said, "I can probably make something like this," and headed to Michael's before I swiped my debit card.

I was able to create these easy dimensional art pieces for less than $35 and have lots of material left over for future projects.

Here's what you'll need if you want to re-create something similar:

  • Canvases (I used three 18"x24", all three were $10.99 total)

  • Paint of your choice (I used Liquitex latex acrylic in Unbleached Titanium and Artist's Loft acrylic in Parchment)

  • Plaster of Paris

  • A mixing bowl that you don't mind throwing out

  • Palette knives

  • A Michael's coupon, duh

These can be created in a matter of a few hours - the longest part of this process is waiting for the plaster to dry.

First thing's first, you've gotta make the plaster. TBH, I've never made Plaster of Paris, but I can read instructions as well as anyone else can, so that's how I made it. It was a 2:1 ratio of plaster to water, mixed together until smooth (like grey pancake batter).

Once you've got the plaster made, drop it on the canvases. The best part about this project is that it doesn't need to be perfect or calculated. I literally just dropped plaster on the canvases. I played around with different techniques. Some of it, I dropped directly from the bowl on to the canvas, while other parts, I applied with a palette knife. Just do what looks good to you.

Once you've applied the plaster to your heart's desire, let it dry. I let it dry overnight but you could probably apply it in the morning and then paint the same night.

Now it's time to paint. This was also an experiment for me. I am not well-versed in types of paint, but figured that acrylic is a thick paint to use with palette knives, so that's what I went with. Plus, it's inexpensive.

I did a coat of the Unbleached Titanium but then also wanted to add some additional dimension, so I tried out a gold texture paint.

I ended up not liking the look of it and thought it looked cheap, so I covered it up with more Unbleached Titanium. I also bought a color of paint that was *close* to the Unbleached Titanium but slightly different, in order to give the canvases some more depth. However, the Parchment color paint ended up being almost exactly the same shade as the Unbleached Titanium. Oh well.

I really ended up liking the look of the singular color canvases, especially against my dark blue bedroom walls, but I definitely think that using multiple colors or doing each canvas a separate, solid color could also look good. Or if you want to be a true goth, do canvases in a gradient from grey to black. Anyway, just get creative, try stuff out, and see what looks best for your space!

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