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The she-shed

...Well, actually it's a spare bedroom.

I have to admit, starting a blog reminds me of my LiveJournal days (yes, I'm that old), but here I'll try to highlight my home renovations and DIY projects rather than airing my teen angst.

For my first post, I figured I'd highlight 'my' room in my home - where I can read, sit in silence away from my toddler, and most importantly, house all of my weird tchotchkes that my husband would hide away from a shared space if company came over.

I wanted to be sure the room was as "me" as possible, so it's a good intro for you to learn about what I'm into and whether or not you'll actually want to keep reading this blog. So, here it goes:

This room looked pretty much like all of the others in the house - beige walls and hardwood floors. I painted the wall with Clare paint in Blackish, with one wallpapered statement wall (more on that in a follow-up post). I found the velvet chaise and curtains on Wayfair and the rug at Target. The amazing coyote rug is a find from Ebay.

My knick-knacks came from all over the place, over the years, but I specifically made sure to highlight the amount of Boston Terrier stuff I have, as well as several items to remember my Boston, Fallon, by (she passed earlier this year).

You'll also notice a few vials of teeth - I know this is weird. It's become a running joke in my house that whenever I clean out old boxes, I'm either going to find receipts from Fallon's vet bills or random teeth. I always collect them when someone in the house loses them, so they are Fallon's canine that she broke, Petunia's puppy teeth, and one of my wisdom teeth.

I also pinned a case of lanternflies (they're invasive, so you don't need a permit for them) while at my previous job in a natural history museum.

As far as my gallery wall goes, this is a constant work in progress, but I like to be sure to purchase art from women, people of color, and artists who are LGBTQ. Here are links to their art if you're interested in any of it:

  • Velvet painting (vintage, Ebay)

  • 5x7 illustrated prints are from Danny Brito

  • Florida print is vintage (Etsy)

  • Painting of Fallon and Petunia was custom, from Cory Schofield

  • Illustration of Fallon is from Meghan Schader (and framed by Frame It Easy - I highly recommend this site)

  • Embroidery is by me (I take commissions, if you're interested)

  • 8x10 of skull is from Tee Fergus

  • 8x10 of woman with sunglasses is from Natalia Navarra

I hope you liked this tour of my 'she-shed' and my first blog post! Stay tuned for more DIY, cooking, gardening, and goth Millennial momming posts!

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